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Blue Ribbon Supporters - You have to have something to say, and it has to be something that requires some real thought.

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Blue Ribbon Supporters

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Home > Government & Politics > Issues and Causes > Civil Rights > Censorship
Manager: midnight_angel
You have to have something to say, and it has to be something that requires some real thought.

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ChildfreeMan1962's Web Site, A True Childfree Man
Contains: My web rings. My Disavowal of Christianity Letter and my Disavowal of Unitarian Universalism (UU) Email; Evolution Weekend and Darwinmas Eve/Darwinmas Day. The childfree definition; The Childfree or Not Childfree Test; The Childfree Women's Weekend, Childfree Men's Weekend and Childfree Pride Weekend. Personal information. My photography (Night photos, Holiday Lights photos, Snowstorm photos, Washington - Whidbey Island photos that include Langley photos and Clinton photos, soon: Washington - more of Whidbey Island, Mt. St. Helens, my garden, etc., Maryland, California, Oregon, Italy - Mt. Etna, Sicily, Pisa, Northwest Italy, France, Monaco, Switzerland, Germany, etc., and sunsets, sunrises, lightning, fireworks, birds, butterflies, bees, other insects, etc.)
P.A.N. : A Crank With A Cause
See it while it lasts ! :) An award winning Christo-Pagan site which a UK based hate group is trying to get taken down through a threatened abuse of the legal system, because of its outspoken and articulate opposition to said group's promotion of bigotry. The events you see described are true. The names have been changed to protect ... oh, somebody.
BMORG doesn't speak for us
A ring for dissent in the Burner / Burning Man subculture, for burners who are tired of being told how to rebel, who are tired of seeing the individual's right of free expression being trampled by BMOrg and its friends. Negativity ahead, offered without apology. You can't fix something until you're willing to admit that it's broken.
My Daily Musings
It is about my faith and my musings.
Whats My Beef
Social satire for rights of legal independent female world class social escorts and decriminalized prostitutes.

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Blue Ribbon Supporters

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