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The African Diaspora Network - These ancient Africans (Egyptians) represent focus and sticking together. Whether itís in good times or bad! This webrin

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The African Diaspora Network

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These ancient Africans (Egyptians) represent focus and sticking together. Whether itís in good times or bad! This webring is focused on issues involving business development, employment, vacations, networking, events,organizations, tourism, travel, health and the environment. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This webring is for people of African descent learning to put our ideas together and benefiting each other. It could features news and links to information resources, including an Accommodation Directory, Law resources, Info Center, Country Information pages, Environmental & Travel Newsletter and Reservations. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Thoughts and Reflections on African migration and settlement in Australia.
   Worldwide Africa Topsites Preview Go
A topsite listing of African sites from within Africa and Worldwide.
   Reggae Preview Go
reggae singers links, Bob marley,Ziggy Marley, mid west festival reveiw and dance queen movie reveiw

   Black Catholics And Early Black, African Saints Preview Go
African genesis of Christianity,which came OUT OF AFRICA, not to it. Yeshua (Jesus) , raised there, prefigured African saints of the early church: Mark (oldest-Gospel of Mark), Augustine and Monica, Cyprian of Carthage, Catherine and Clement of Alexandria, Perpetua and Felicitas, Macarius, Anthony of the Desert, & Athanasius. Five Apostles went to Africa, before Peter and Paul saw Europe.
   Black Buddhists in the USA and Africa Preview Go
World wide directory of Buddhist temples, community centers, and sanghas for African-Americans and in Africa, with an emphasis on the Lotus Sutra Schools.
   ADWA: African Descendants with Albinism Preview Go
African Descendants with Albinism (ADWA) is a community organization working for a better understanding of Albinism and other pigmentation anomalies and for the rights and well-being of persons affected thereby, their families and their friends.

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