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The Serial Killer - This ring is a gathering of websites about serial killers, mass murderers and multiple homicide cases. Serious, well-wri

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The Serial Killer

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This ring is a gathering of websites about serial killers, mass murderers and multiple homicide cases. Serious, well-written and scholarly pages are preferred.


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Steven Nedelton writes suspenseful novels with crime, mystery, paranormal and noir. His published titles are: "Crossroads," "The Raven Affair," "Fear!," "Tunnel/The Lost Diary" and "Coma Sins." Three of his novels were evaluated by the Midwest Book Review, The US Review of Books and Apex Reviews and were rated 'Five Stars.' "Fear!" received a special recognition from the MBR Journal. The novels are available in Kindle, Nook and paperback and can be ordered from his web site, www.snedelton.com.
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Here you will find a little background information on four of the most infamous serial killers: David Burkowitz, John Wayne Gacy, Albert DeSalvo and Henry Lee Lucas. Links to more detailed information on these killers and links to other serial killers are here as well.
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Chalie is his old life and now in his new life...

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Considered one of the most diabolical killers in history. How does a man who kills strangers just for fun or to do an experiment manage to have a family life. Lots of photos and links.
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information on charles manson, edmund kemper III, and jefferey dahmer with pictures.. a few links.. botched executions and torture devices
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full biographies of edmund kemper and jeffrey dahmer, with pictures and qoutes among other things. links to other sites.
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Educational site dedicated to serial crimes of all types, arson, murder, sexual assault and certain forensic topics such as crime scene investigation and evidence collection.
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I have always been an admirer of anything dark and edgy, odd or disturbing. In my 20's I became intrigued by French and German antique dolls from the 1800's. They were so spectacular. Old, but timeless, enchanting with their life like glass eyes and their hauntingly beautiful stare. They had that wonderful creepiness that I find so appealing.

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