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Overpopulation - This ring is dedicated to the issues of overpopulation, farming, water conservation, food production, pollution, birth c

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Manager: lilithezine
This ring is dedicated to the issues of overpopulation, farming, water conservation, food production, pollution, birth control, adoption, human migration, wars over territory/raw materials such as oil, the oil shortage, the energy crisis, water shortages, global warming, food shortages, AIDs/HIV in Africa, India and China and anything else that effects the birth rates, death rates, poverty rates, starvation rates of the globe. - - - - - Use a condom people! Don't risk AIDs or Pregnancy! The world is overpopulated enough already! - - - - - Why have a baby when you can adopt? Save yourself months of trouble and GIVE a child a chance! - - - - - Need to lose weight? Donate all your food to charity and go on the Subway Diet!

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   genessa -- adoption resources Preview Go
Adoption resources galore including for birth parents, adoptive parents, adoptees and anyone else who is involved in any way in the adoption process! Books concerning adoption are on separate (linked, very easy) page. Adoption stories also coming soon (feel free to submit yours!)
   Birth Control Vs. Overpopulation Preview 2 review(s) — Go
Birth control, overpopulation, food shortages, pollution, condoms, abortion, the Pill, family planning, water shortages, economic chaos and war...
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Hello Mr American: The Changing Face of American Demographics.

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Articles about art, economics, equality, fashion, feminism, gay rights, gothic culture, history, languages, oil, politics, sexuality, sexism, racism, & religion.
   Canada's Babyboomers & Health Care Preview Go
Doctor and nurse shortages in Canada are signs of the times, or rather signs that our babyboomers are getting old. With babyboomer doctors and nurses retiring, but with the majority of babyboomers going to the hospital more frequently, there is suddenly a shortage of doctors and nurses during the time when we need them most. Long waits for surgery or to see a specialist are now common place. But what are the solutions?
   Anorexia Vs Obesity In North America Preview Go
Generation XXS or Generation XXL? So much for Generation X... would you like fries with that?
   Oil Prices Rise due to World Oil Shortage Preview Go
Crude oil prices rose yesterday to their highest level since the Persian Gulf War in 1990 after release of a report that showed U.S. gasoline inventories fell last week as demand increased. Crude oil rose 70 cents (U.S.), or 1.9 per cent, to settle at $38.18 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, the highest settlement price since Oct. 16, 1990, when Iraqi troops were occupying Kuwait.
   China Preview Go
China is the world's only megapower, with GDP growth three times that of the United States China is leaving other countries in its wake as its economy has becomes more and more dominant. Take a look at China's historical background and economic powerhouse. Communism is out the door as China goes capitalist.
   300 Million Americans... and more on the way! Preview Go
On Tuesday October 17th 2006, according to the U.S. Census Bureau's population clock, the number of people in America will hit 300 million, up from 200 million in 1967. By as early as 2043, the bureau says, there will be 400 million Americans.
   Languages of the World Statistics Preview Go
Chinese Mandarin 13.69%, Spanish 5.05%, English 4.84%, Hindi 2.82%, Portuguese 2.77%, Bengali 2.68%, Russian 2.27%, Japanese 1.99%, German 1.49% and Chinese Wu 1.21%.

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