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I Want Justice! - Corrupt activities in the legal systems within our United States have abused our people through abuse of power, falsific

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I Want Justice!

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Corrupt activities in the legal systems within our United States have abused our people through abuse of power, falsification of evidence, denial of appointment of effective assistance of counsel and otherwise. The members of this ring are sick of these civil rights violations and demand justice for all!

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   Justice for all people, not just the wealthy Preview Go
I'd like to see a world where we are ALL equal. This blog touches on topics of justice for "the little guy" around the world.
   A Wrongful Murder Conviction in Tennessee Preview Go
An innocent man wrongfully convicted of murder serving a life sentence in Tennessee. 21 years and counting is finally free!
   The Judicial Hall of Shame Preview Go
The Judicial Hall of Shame is a showcase of the judicial tyranny encountered in courts across the United States.

This site is linked to the The Mark Guglielmo Murder Case. My daughter was murdered in 1994, a man was sentenced as a result of a plea bargain. The mystery of her death continues in 2005.
   Mercy for Cindy Justice Denied Preview Go
My site is for my sister, who was/is incarcerated. She was convicted of 2nd degree murder. She did not receive justice. In my opinion, she was convicted before she even had a trial. I placed a petition on her website, to get as many signers as possible. Then I will send it to the governor of Va. Please do visit her site and sign, to help me with this for my sister. It will be very much appreciated.
   The Grand Jury: Cornerstone of the Constitution Preview Go
The Grand Jury is the cornerstone of the Constitution. When it operates as it was designed by the Framers of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights cannot be infringed by the government. When it is a rubber stamp for the prosecutor, the Bill of Rights are seriously undermined. By educating those called to be grand jurors we can begin to reclaim those rights eviscerated by the federal judiciary.
   Zoran Basìch -vs- Edward Tirone Preview Go
Zoran K. Basìch sues Neighbor for One Million Dollars. Zoran Basìch has established a pattern of inciting incidences with neighbors and then sues them. Basìch also threatened to kill Dr. Anthony Sommer.
   Innocent man on Florida's Death Row Preview Go
This site is in regard to Rudolph Holton, an innocent man on Death Row.
   Curing the Blister by Amputating the Hand Preview Go
A discussion of effective ways to end injustices and defend human rights in the U.S., with links to various activist organizations.
   Naming the Nameless Preview Go
Women in prison have survived the horrendous treatment meted out by the State of Missouri's Department of Corrections. They are the nameless and the faceless to the rest of "proper society. These women will no longer remain nameless. Here are some of their names and what happened to them.

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