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Best Human Rights Sites - This ring is a collection of the greatest human rights sites on the Internet today. We have human rights sites to intere

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Best Human Rights Sites

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Manager: nathal54
This ring is a collection of the greatest human rights sites on the Internet today. We have human rights sites to interest the student, human rights sites for the teachers and community leaders, and human rights resources, supplies and information for activists and concerned citizens. Whether you're into human rights as a scientific study or as a social issue, check us out!

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   Your Handbook for Global Leadership - you are invited! Preview Go
This book is about... the evolution of life on planet Earth; ... about humanity fitting itself harmoniously into the web of life; ... about the growing spirit of humanity that transcends societies and nations; ... about an individual democratic responsibility taking over the role of government to assure humanity's prosperity on this planet; ... about the fact that governments have become antiquated and obsolete to a degree that reason is replaced by insanity. This book is about your responsibility to act now.
   Parental Rights in Children's Medical Care Advocacy Preview Go
Child prodigy Shirley Cheng, a blind and physically disabled author and poet of 5 books by age 23, advocates parental rights in children's medical care. "When doctors ask yes or no, parents should have the right to say no," says Shirley, survivor of the 1990 internationally broadcast 5-month custody case against a doctor. Juliet Cheng was on CBS This Morning with Paula Zahn. www.ShirleyCheng.com
   Victims Of Silence Preview Go
This site mainly discusses & exposes how the catholic church is still covering up for their organized child sex crime ring that is still in operation today & misleads the news media with their own fake victims advocate group that was designed by the Catholic Church to control victims and minimize the church's finacial loss. We also discuss the extremely strong connection the Catholic Church has with the Republican party by using their own lobbying group to pump huge amounts of campaign contributions in exchange to make sure the victims are not successful at getting any extensions on statute of limitations or passing any bills that would hold the Catholic Church accountable for the organized child sex ring that is still in operation today. We also discuse any abuse issue & the politics that allow them to continue

   The Progressive Webgroup Alliance Preview Go
A coalition of free thinking, progressive and in the main left of centre discussion groups, message boards and mailing lists. A number of issues are discussed within the allied groups including Human rights and Civil liberties.
   The ORIGIN of Mother's Day Preview Go
The original Mother's Day Proclamation was made in 1870. Written by Julia Ward Howe, perhaps best known today for having written the words to "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" in 1862 when she was an antislavery activist, the original Proclamation was an impassioned call for peace and disarmament.

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